Strength Through Support

                                 Veterans Support Association

                      Promoting a better world for US

                                                     So if your

         Army,  Royal Navy or Royal Air force


                        Come join us

       Its free to join and sign up  


Join Us

There is NO need to suffer alone whether you are new to our condition or are living with it 

we invite you to join us.

We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.

 Our aim

 Is to help members with a telephone support network, social events and To generate a sense of belonging and comradeship.

About Us

We are a non profit association working to promote veterans wellbeing within the community we currently work within the surrey area.

The Veterans Support Association is open to all veterans and sprang up from our Combat Stress outreach group held each month at Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions Fulham.

We are all former service members, our task is to fill the void caused by isolation and detachment  after service life with  a social life and comradeship between us.

 All former and serving Personnel are welcome to join this Association.

We are all in this together.

And we are glad you are visiting our site. This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our aims.

Contact us here.

Our Work

We work together to make our cause known, to reach out to other veterans who share our commitment to achieve a better way of life.

Whether you’re ready to lend a hand,or just participate in our activities, contribute photos or news of a recent event to share in the newsletter here’s our place to do it.